Technology, communications & Networking

Your business, regardless of its size or the industry it operates in, demands a reliable networking infrastructure and communication platform. Technology continues to evolve rapidly, and your customers, your partners and your employees have increased their expectations of availability. You can't be "out of the office" anymore, so you and your employees need instant access to information and insight.

We deploy "best-of-breed" technology, and carefully select our technology partners for their specific strengths. Our selection of equipment was chosen based on university led bake-offs.  We sell and support only those manufactures that finished in the top tier.  Our staff is fully trained and certified to sell and service all equipment listed and supporting product lines.  Making sure the customer feels comfortable with the technology is crucial.  We will train your staff in any product line purchased through ATS and will provide to have one staff member certified in that line.  That is our investment to the customer.  When it comes to building and maintaining relationships; we go the extra mile.

Technology Solutions

Adaptive Technology Systems (ATS) provides a wide range of technology products and services to large and mid-size organizations that use technology to better serve customers, outperform competitors, and accelerate results.

We design, deliver and support technology solutions that become the foundation of our clients' businesses. This includes, networking technologies, data center products, security and power systems.